Jul 6, 2010

July - April

*insert uncomfortable blog apology here explaining all the lame excuses why I haven't been posting*

Whirrrr. Click. Rewind.

movie. children's church. fireworks. pond. drew gone to chesapeake bay. fireworks. paint. laurie, jude, and maddie overnight. pond. cole left and i cried. james river. cole here all week. arrival of baby carsen. vbs. morgan's graduation party. pond. new conference church in lima. ohio trip. bible study. paint murals for vbs. pool. church. finn's last game. pond. abbie's wedding. rehearsal. sew. sew. sew. sew. drew game. awards assembly. school picnic. serve at 5th grade graduation. kindergarten graduation. decorate for graduation. church. soccer games. soccer pictures. games. practice. ohio trip. sort Grandma's stuff. volunteer. games and practices. church. ben and kim's wedding. meeting after school. volunteer. games and practices. sew annual meeting dresses. children's church. ramble. my best friend is pregnant! alisha's baby shower. blackout. talent show. laura's for last bible study. dentist. church. practice and games. mother's day breakfast. day of prayer at armory. field trip. awana graduation. church. practices and games. awana store night. nate's birthday. MOMS group. work kindergarten registration. volunteer. pictures. practice and games. dentist. ellie's birthday party. awards assembly. games. church.

Now you're caught up.
And I'm exhausted.

I'll try to do better on the blog thing.

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Anonymous said...

You're forgiven, but I did miss you!