Jul 5, 2010

Boots, a Barn, and a Beautiful Bride.

Carefully sewn dresses hung in a closet.

Scribbled line-up notes thrown away.

Guitar chords faded.

Tears wiped away.

Hydrangeas wilted.

Tissue paper balls crushed.

Cake eaten.

Taillights disappearing down the lane.

It's all over and Abbie's hitched, but what remains is a love big enough to last a lifetime.

Love is right here. Love is alive.
Love is the way, the truth, the life.

Love is the river than flows through,
Love is the arms that are holding you.

Love is the place you will fly to,
Love never fails you.


Chelsy said...

and THAT is why marriage beats wedding any day of the week :)

hubbardgirl said...

what a sweet post...love it. missing my abbie girl, but you know what, if she's happy, i'm happy!!!

Jill Elaine said...

Beautiful Bride, Beautiful dresses (good job Joni) Beautiful wedding. Thanks for posting these!

Kristi said...

Love this post.. make me miss her to Aunt Susan!

-Abbie- said...

you forgot to add... stress is over! i just saw this post not long ago! almost brought tears! thanks so much for helping soo much with EVERYTHING! love ya