Aug 31, 2010

John 21:20

Saturday morning, the woman who Jesus loves was determined that she would stand in line for coffee no matter how long it took. The woman who Jesus loves had gotten less than five hours of sleep and checked out of the hotel at 6:45 am without any coffee. The woman who Jesus loves took a walk around the coliseum to find the shortest coffee line and check out the resource tables on the way. The woman who Jesus loves turned a corner and almost ran into the woman who Beth Moore loves.

One of the funny things that Beth Moore talked about was how John refers to himself as "the disciple who Jesus loves." She said, "Oh, John. He's so humble he never calls himself by name. He just says that he's the one that Jesus loves." Well, that's exactly how I feel about Big Mama. She doesn't shout it from the rooftops that she sat in the front row in between Beth's assistant and Travis and the praise and worship team and Beth called her daughter by name. I was so excited that I got to meet her although I stammered out a dorky greeting and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Oh yeah, one more thing. She's not "big" at all.

Aug 30, 2010

Return to Middle C.... Beth Moore

I didn't want to return back from my weekend in Richmond with nothing to share with others. My scribbled notes are all I have to offer. I figured you probably weren't interested in my damp wads of tissues. If you read my blog, you know I have a big, tender spot in my soul for Beth Moore and her bible studies. They are what got me into God's Word in some of the darkest times in my life. Her studies showed me the excitement of learning and studying and finding what God's will is in my life. I will always appreciate what she has taught me. In other news, she is the cutest little Bible Cheerleader that you have ever seen. She has little stick legs, (not so big) blond hair, and big love flowing out from her. She praises God wholeheartedly, prays humbly, and appeals to the hearts of everyone in her audience. Go to a conference if you ever have a chance. Just to be clear, I don't worship HER, I just worship the same God and Savior as she does!

After determining how many women in the audience had been raised in church and had been studying the bible for many years, Beth Moore decided that we needed to return to an old, familiar chapter. She lead us to John 1. Her desire was to bring new life to an old chapter and bring forth a revival in Richmond. One of the main themes in the gospel of John is BELIEVE. He uses the word 98 times where Mark uses it 11 times and Matthew uses it 14 times. "We don't have abundant life until we have abundant belief."

The theme of the weekend revolved around Travis Cottrell's keyboard in which she walked over to and hit the middle C several times. To get from one octave to another (middle c to high c) there are eight notes. Middle C is Christ. All things point back to Jesus. In the first chapter of John there are eight titles to Jesus.

Middle C: The Word ( verse 1)
D: The Life (verse 4)
E: The Light (verse 9)
F: The Only Begotten Son (verse 18)
G: The Lamb (verse 29)
A: The Messiah (verse 41)
B: The King (verse 49)
High C: The Son of Man (verse 51)

To find Jesus, (High C) we have to go back to God's Word. (Middle C)
The way to do this you must go:

1) Back to the Word

Starts with eternity... before time began. Word = logos, which means divine speech, expression of God before all men and creation.

2) Back to the genesis (beginning)

John 1 and Genesis 1 begin at the beginning. We don't have to prove God's existence, the burden of proof falls on the atheists. Our beginning begins with the Word of God and begins again with Jesus Christ.

3) Back to the exodus

God came to make His dwelling with us, literally, pitch His tent among us. All of us need a mass exodus from something. We have a stumbling block that needs to be left behind. Christians are meant to be as contagious as a virus in spreading God's Word.

4) Back to the ultimate exegesis

The goal of Biblical exegesis is to explore the meaning of the text which then leads to discovering its significance or relevance. (Wikipedia) If you and I want to know theology, KNOW JESUS! No one has seen God at any time, but His Son will exegete Him to you.

5) Back to grace and truth

There are two camps in Christianity. The Grace camp forgets the truth, believes that they are already saved so they have the license to do anything. The Truth camp is the religious police, the ones who "share the Good News in a bad mood." The balance between the two camps is JESUS. One camp without the other cuts off an arm of Jesus and makes no reason for his death on the cross. For every truth there is ample grace to cover it! A truth doesn't become THE TRUTH until His word is applied. THE TRUTH takes a truth and turns it into a testimony! The only time that you cannot handle the truth is when you detach it from His grace!

6) Back to the gospel

We would be in error to assume that everyone who cracks open a bible or sings a praise and worship song is saved. She did an invitation at this point.

7) Back to one blessing after another

It is not our job to be Jesus. It is our job to be examples of His love. We need to regain our wonderment for his Word.

8) Back to the future

Now it is time to go back home and jump into our jobs as wives and mothers and daughters. We need to return back as a people that have rediscovered the Word!

P.S. Travis Cottrell is an awesome praise and worship leader. Go to iTunes and download Victory in Jesus, In Christ Alone, and In the Sanctuary. That's an order.