Feb 23, 2010

Ephesians 4:17-18

Drew and I had eye appointments after school. My dad has glaucoma and urges us to keep up with our regular appointments and pressure checks. We hadn't been for two years and I woke up one night worrying about my eye pressure. I fear going blind. (That, and getting Alzheimer's but I'll save it for another day.) Our results came in and the doctor turned to Drew with a grin and said "How do you feel about glasses?" My stomach sunk.

"Why, Lord? He was so perfect and now this? Don't tell me we need to get those dorky sports goggles for football. It's all downhill from here... first this, then braces, then zits... Oooh. I think Crewcuts has cool frames for kids. I hope he picks funky rims. I don't want him to have bad eyes. He had the biggest, most beautiful eyes when he was born, and now... they're just flawed."

But, slowly and surely, the still, small voice made His way through all that junk.

"My daughter, I created Drew in my image. I mixed the chocolate brown pigments. I formed the corneas. I molded the retinas. I gave him two legs to run, two arms to throw, two ears to hear, and two hands to hold. And then I gave him to you. Why do you question me?

This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart

Drew was slightly nearsighted and thrilled.
I was spiritually blind and humbled.

He strutted out of the office, looking like the almost-ten year old that he is. I wiped my tears away and hugged him tight.
He rolled those beautiful brown eyes and I said,
"Man, those eye drops are killer, huh?"

I think I fooled him.

Feb 16, 2010

That Good Girl

At the risk of sounding very Matthew One'ish, I have a story to tell.

Cabel was from Franklin County, Virginia. He fell in love with Emma who lived on Dutch Hollow Rd. Cabel and Emma married and lived on Pioneer Rd. for the rest of their life. They begat Randy who fell in love with Jan who lived on Gomer Rd. Randy and Jan begat Joni.

Orville was from Franklin County, Virginia and he fell in love with Ruth who lived on
Pioneer Rd. Orville and Ruth married and lived on Kemp Rd. for the rest of their life. They begat Gary, who fell in love with Lucille from Franklin County, VA. Gary and Lucille begat Nathan.

When Joni
(Pioneer Rd.) was 10, she went ice skating on Poling Rd. and promptly fell head over heels with Nathan from Franklin County, VA who was visiting his grandparents. Eight years later, Nathan and Joni got married and moved to Franklin County, VA.

Unbeknown to Nate and Joni, there was a young associate minister at a church on
Brower Rd.
who began praying for a church of his own. Pastor Terry and Tammy had two daughters, Cindy and Amy, and they soon were contacted by Twin Oaks Baptist Church in Franklin County, VA.

Joni learned to love Franklin County, VA although it was a lot hillier than what she was used to. One of the things that helped is that she found a great friend, Regina. Regina introduced Joni to her sister, Abbie who lived in Virginia.

Abbie fell in love with Jordan, who lived on
Kemp Rd. Regina, Joni, and Abbie all found themselves attending Twin Oaks together, with a Pastor who had once lived near Elida. Abbie was led to the Lord by Amy and baptized by Amy's Dad, Pastor Terry.

Abbie and Jordan are now engaged and getting married in June by Pastor Terry and are planning to live on
Poling Rd. They also had their engagement pictures taken by Amy.

The distance between all of the roads in Elida, Ohio that I just named is approximately eight miles. Yet it is 480 miles from Franklin County, Virginia.

And God was moving all the while....

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Abbie, I know that there are a lot of people that are dreading your move to Ohio because they will miss you. Not me. Okay, so we will miss you, but you are moving to a great area, surrounded by people that will grow to love you (who wouldn't?), and you have a Good guy that loves you. But more importantly, a God that has called you according to his purpose. Praise God that you are both seeking Him first. We love you and we support you.

And Regina and I can chat for 480 miles, no problem.
Looking forward to many road trips.

Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valen.... yeah, yeah, yeah....

After hearing Pastor's sermon on Leaving Your First Love, I rushed home to find the rest of Nancy Leigh Demoss's Evidences that he referenced.

I have made another list of my own.

6 Evidences That You've Been Married Eleven Years:

1. You make an agreement to not even buy cards.

2. You clean out the extra money in budget envelopes for a night out and realize the money would be better off moved to the remodeling envelope.

3. You both crave Chipotle, but then remember that you have the ingredients to make your own. High Five!

4. Coffee with cream and comfy pajamas is your idea of a dream date.

5. When the boys ask what you want for a gift, you tell them "Made Beds and Vacuumed Carpet."

6. True forgiveness after an argument shows true love more than any red plush teddy bear ever will.

Happy Valentine's Day, Nate!
Thank you for not buying me a teddy bear...

Feb 9, 2010

Word of the Day

1. To pass the winter in a dormant or torpid state.
2. To be in an inactive or dormant state or period.

Don't look for me, I am nestled into my downy covers eating Gentry's Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Wake me up when the forsythia is blooming...


Feb 3, 2010

Getting Down to Business

After three days of giggles and fun Snow Days, I was determined to get serious around here. There is no end in the near future of snow and ice and the boys are starting to get cabin-fever symptoms. I probably don't need to tell you mom's out there what they are.

I know that my boys function better with a schedule, so I called a family meeting (minus Nate.) Here's the conversation.

Mom: Okay boys, you need to get baths and get dressed because we need to talk.

Boys: Whoo Hoo! What is it, huh, huh, huh?

Mom: Get clean and get dressed and then we'll talk.

Boys: *sound of pounding feet running to bathroom*

Drew: Okay Mom, I am done, do I need to dress up?

Mom: Nope, just jeans and t-shirt.

Finn: Mom, what are we doing?

Mom: Here's the deal. We are going to have a meeting.

Finn: wwwwhhhhhiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee

Mom: Why are you whining?

Finn: I don't want to go anywhere today. I just want to stay hereeeeeeee!

Mom: We aren't going anywhere, we're just having a meeting.

Finn: Well then, I need socks, and they aren't clean.

Mom: Why do you need socks?

Finn: For the meeting.

Mom: Huh?

Finn: I know that we are going to church. We always go to church when we have a meeting. wwwwhhhhhiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeeeee

Mom: Trust me, we are staying home. You don't need socks.

Drew: Could someone please tell me what we are doing? I'm confused. Finn says we have to go to the meeting.

Mom: (Almost reaching full volume) We aren't going ANYWHERE! Go sit Indian-style in my bedroom. NOW!

Mom: Okay, so here's the deal. We need a schedule and rules for these snow days and I need your help in writing them.

Boys in unison: Mmmmooooommmmmm!!!

Mom: I want you each to make three rules and I will post them on the refrigerator.

These are The Rules for Snow Days written by Drew and Finn.

1. Stop screaming, chasing, fighting, and arguing with each other.

2. No kicking each other "Down There."

3. No PG-13 Acting (Bad Language/Rude Humor/or Graphic Violence)

4. No drinkin' or smokin'.

5. No fun stuff until jobs are finished.

6. Do something the first time you ask us to.

Trust me. I AM keeping this posted, perhaps for the rest of my life.

Helloooo January? Are you there?

I cannot believe that it is February third. I had big dreams for January. I planned on getting rested up from the holidays, finish organizing my house, take and send "New Years" pictures, make eye and dentist appointments, finish up my sewing list, and hey, while I am at it, help someone else one day a week.

What I found is that my weekly schedule hasn't changed and I STILL have laundry, I STILL have mouths to feed, I STILL have church twice a week, I STILL volunteer at school every week, I STILL have seven bible studies a month, I STILL have boys basketball four times a week.

No, I can't pat myself on the back for crossing off all the items on my to-do list. I haven't given my time to anyone else. And I will NEVER finish organizing my house.

I just keep praying for it. My prayer is that I begin to make each moment count, I strengthen my relationship with Christ, keep taking steps toward my goals, and to be a better steward of not only my time, but our money also.

Here are some of our January Baby Steps...

Cleaning out Sewing Cabinet. (First things first, you know.)

Cleaning out Freezer. (and Butchering)

Budget Envelopes.

And a Little Bathroom Remodeling Project.

I know. Budgeting and Remodeling in the same month doesn't mesh well together. Remind me to add an envelope this month for "Unplanned Projects."