Jan 25, 2010

The Rest of The Story

After selling our Airstream to Lee Ann Womack in September and delivering it to Nashville, we were promised tickets and backstage passes to the next concert that came to our area.

The last time we met Lee Ann, she was just a normal mom coming home from back-to-school night with her daughter.

This time she was singing to a sold-out Coliseum surrounded by spotlights and fans shouting her name.

And we were awed.

It was the loudest concert we have ever been to...

It was the longest concert we have ever been to...

But it was amazing.

Even though George Strait,

Reba McEntire,

and Lee Ann Womack

are big names in country music,

And there are some p r e t t y crazy fans out there,

Now that it is all said and done...

We're giving the glory to God!

Jan 22, 2010

Missing Child Alert

Can somebody please tell me where my nephew, Cole, is?

He should be four years old...

With a smile that melts your heart...

Unable to pronounce his R's...

And around thirty pounds.

Word on the street is:

He turned sixteen...

He's taller than his dad...

Has a girlfriend...

And is a linebacker at Elida.

But I refuse to believe it.

Jan 14, 2010


Praying for......

Aaron and Wendy Lavy
Jeff and Betsy King
Stephen Rapp
Clint and Brenda Bower
Kurt and Arlene Rolle
Sheila and Andrew Stauffer

Please be our hugs and our hands and our voices in Haiti.
We feel helpless here at home.

Heath and Betsy Peters' two girls,
and all of the Haitians....

Jan 6, 2010

Almost A Year.

I won't post every day.

I won't be the best blog on the block.

I won't wow you with my deep insights.

I won't get a fancy layout.

I won't try to impress.

I won't let blogging consume me (which can happen, I promise.)


I will not quit.

I will keep taking pictures.

I will search scriptures for inspiration.

I will read yours.

I will still be open and honest.

I will not stop desiring to minister some grace into your day.

Thanks for reading and commenting this year. Love you all.

Ohio Christmas








White Boy Dance.

So, how was yours?