Jul 6, 2010

Still frequenting Goodwill weekly...

I love the fact that I can buy stuff that I wouldn't buy full price at Target for fear that I would never wear in public.

Like fedora hats. And furs. And bikini bottoms that will never see the sun.

And Audrey Hepburn sunglasses.

So, tell me, what bargains have you found lately?

On Monday I bought two new Target shirts (Liberty of London) and four skirts.
And a seashell necklace.
And those dinner plates that sit on your face.

Nice try, Joni, buuuut, no.


Katie said...

Rockin glasses! I can only imagine what David would say if I came home in those... :) What'd Nate have to say?

So I've been visiting Goodwill more often. The last time I went, I tried on 257 shirts and went home with 1. I think you need to give me some Goodwill shopping lessons.

Anonymous said...

You should have smiled Joni, would that have helped?

Chelsy said...

i desperately wish i looked good in sunglasses- those are so cute!
ps- i have a blog award for you! come and claim it on my blog, and foolw the rules!!

Jill Elaine said...

So....Pics of the clothes?? Haven't seen Eve lately!!
and by the way... Will and Clark say 'HI'!! They are standing behind me dripping water from the pool as I type this:)