May 21, 2012

Do you hear that?


(It's time we)
Stop, hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down...


It's some Nate music through amplifiers.
It's four wheelers and screen doors.
It's sprinklers and splashing.
It's snapping turtles and war whoops.
It's late night grilling and lawn mowing. 



What a sweet, sweet sound.

May 15, 2012

...great worth in God’s sight...

Roxanne in her banquet dress.
Beautiful inside and out.

Suffering adversity.

We take so many things for granted.

Texting.  Sharp pencils.  Forty-five cents postage.  Hugs.  Coffee.  Phone calls.  Bible.  Mattress.

These are privileges, not rights.
 I beg you to treat them as such and remind me when I forget.
I beg you for compassion, kind words, and undeserved forgiveness.
I beg you for grace.
Because we are bound with him.

(Picture Credit:  National Geographic) 

May 6, 2012


I found 13 rolls of teal (aqua?) precut knit rolls at Goodwill for $2.00.  I gave some to Cindy to do another challenge.  She made a huge mistake... she texted me pictures of the rug she made with her rolls.  I was so impressed and I loved her rug so much that I gave up.  She won the challenge before I had even started.  I braided three strips of mine, maybe 1/3 of one roll, and made a quick belt for my thrifted dress.  I can't crochet, so I won't be attempting a rug like hers, but I would like to try sewing strips of it onto a tshirt for ruffles or sewing strips in a chevron pattern on a knit skirt.  Sometime. It would also be fun to use for wrapping gifts, knitting a scarf, etc.  My dad has a loom to make rugs so I might donate it to him (to make a rug for me.)  Fun challenge... Cindy wins THIS round.  Just wait until the next.  Ha.

A week with Warby Parker.

 Five pair of glasses for five days.  I went vintage for the week.  How can I decide which glasses I want with my hair in a top knot and fleece sweats on?
Monday:  Roosevelt glasses and John Denver blouse.  I added some of my grandma's curtain fabric to the back and collar.
Tuesday:  Huxley glasses and coral ascot dress.  I removed shoulder pads and shortened the hem.

 Wednesday:  Winston glasses and silk fringed vest .
 Thursday:  Beckett glasses and white ruffled riding blouse.  Channing Raine is my favorite accessory.

Friday:  Zagg glasses and Peter Pan poly-knit top.

It was fun to challenge myself to wear vintage for the week.  I buy it because I love it, but it's never the first thing I pick to wear.  My favorite glasses are still the Winston's but family favorite is the Huxley's.  What a fun decision to make.

May 3, 2012

She perceiveth that her merchandise is good.

When Michelle told me that she was giving me her grandmother's notions and fabric, I didn't understand how much she meant.  When I heaved three black garbage bags into my trunk, I still didn't understand.  
Solid cottons.
 Wool and polyester.
 Tons of zippers.
 Full cards of buttons. See the lipstick marks?
 Seam binding, lace hem tape, and piping.
 Big bag of thread.
 Shoebox full of lace.
Perhaps my machine will.
You can really tell a lot about someone when you dig through their sewing supplies.  She was thrifty, creative, organized, and talented.  She made sheets, slips, men's shirts, blouses, dresses, and thermals. Many items were labeled.  If she used some of the binding, she pinned the leftovers carefully to the card.  Spare buttons were labeled with which shirt they belonged to.

One of my favorite things that I didn't get a picture of was an old Dry Clean Only tag.  My sewing table is crammed full of vintage supplies.  I still can't believe it.  Michelle said it was going to be like Christmas morning and she was right!  I can't wait to dig in tomorrow morning and find places for all the loot.  

Thank you, Michelle!  I am beyond thrilled... please let me know what her name was.  I feel like I just inherited a sewing room. 

May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lil' Nate!

 Birthdays are a funny thing.  I still feel like I'm in my early twenties so I am a little weirded out when I figure out I'm married to a thirty-five year old. 

We are so lucky to have you.  Here's to 35 more!

P.S.  Nate, I fixed the dishwasher last night.  I YouTubed Bosch drain repairs, cleaned the filters, and dug out a match that was lodged in the impeller.  *patting myself on the back*  With the money I saved, we can go coffee maker shopping!