Jan 25, 2010

The Rest of The Story

After selling our Airstream to Lee Ann Womack in September and delivering it to Nashville, we were promised tickets and backstage passes to the next concert that came to our area.

The last time we met Lee Ann, she was just a normal mom coming home from back-to-school night with her daughter.

This time she was singing to a sold-out Coliseum surrounded by spotlights and fans shouting her name.

And we were awed.

It was the loudest concert we have ever been to...

It was the longest concert we have ever been to...

But it was amazing.

Even though George Strait,

Reba McEntire,

and Lee Ann Womack

are big names in country music,

And there are some p r e t t y crazy fans out there,

Now that it is all said and done...



We're giving the glory to God!


Kelsey said...

I am the first to comment!? Now that yall are friends with such big stars I thought there would be a ton of comments already!! So cool that you were able to go and meet LeeAnn again! Is she scratching Nates back in one of the pics? So glad you posted pictures and let us share in your fun! Love ya!

Calvin and Ashley said...

what a fun experience!! thanks for sharing! keep on SHINING for Him!!

also--im kinda wondering the same thing as kelsey about the one pix!! haha

hubbardgirl said...

pretty soon we want even be allowed to see or talk to you guys, aww i'm j/k!!

Anonymous said...

Would you please share how God was glorified?

Minister Grace said...

Hey Anonymous, after posting and rereading I had a feeling I would hear from you...:) It was kind of hard to put my feelings into a short post, but since you asked...

I gave the glory to God for two reasons:

1. There were some moments that God was glorified and that is why I posted those two videos. I haven't been to any concerts (that weren't Christian artists) for several years, so we were a little bit nervous at what we were getting into because I desired that God would get glory and so those songs literally brought tears to my eyes, because they were an answer to our prayers. Also, we, as a family, gave Lee Ann a bible when we met her the first time and she has told us more than once that she keeps it by her bed and reads it. She has some song lyrics, example, Get Up In Jesus's Name, that confirm to us that she knows the Gospel.

2. We desired to give God the glory for another reason. We didn't want to go into that night and get wrapped up into the excitement and forget that all three of those artists are just normal people. I didn't want to glorify them just because they were famous. And finally, I didn't want people to get the impression that we (Nate and I) were desiring any glory for the whole Airstream story, nor make people think that we were glorifying Lee Ann. And so I closed with, "We're giving the glory to God."

Does that make sense? Thanks for asking, you definitely keep me on my toes.

deborah said...

Very good, Joni! God deserves all glory, doesn't He?!

Jill Elaine said...

Well said, Joni. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Your comments make sense. When we viewed the videos, heard the screams, saw the fleshy spirit manifested, it prompted our question. We encourage us all to stay in tune with God and the Holy spirit that we not worship the created, but the Creator. Thank you for taking time to answer our question.

Amber said...

1. I think this is so cool that God brought you into her life. There is a reason that only He can know.
2. You gave her a Bible..not the average person thing to do.
3.God could have brought you to her because she may have been stumbling in her walk..and she needed a pick me up that God chose you to do.
4. I think that we all give glory to God for that.
5. Why infect the reasonings when we are not to know Gods ways but to do what He tells us when He tells us!!!

Giving God the Glory in ALL that you go!!!

Morgan said...

What an incredible story! God has definitely used you guys in a somewhat unusual way...even more proof that He makes ALL things work together for good! love love love this story. :)

Katie said...

Wow. Joni- what an awesome testimony to encourage others no matter the situation. Thanks for sharing!