Sep 15, 2009

So much for abandoned and thrown away....

New Again - Lee Ann Womack

Daddy took my sister's bike
Before I knew it, it was like
He bought it just for me down at the store
And mama bought a Goodwill gown
Added lace and beads she found
So I could wear what Cinderella wore

So much for used and abused
Abandoned, thrown away
Some things are destined to live another day
It takes a certain kind
To look deep enough to find
The beauty within
And I thank God for those
Who make the old new again

And to my baggage filled with broken things
I threw in all my hopes and dreams
And on my sleeve I wore my broken heart
I thought forever'd be how long I'd wait
Before I met the man who'd make it better
And give me a brand new start

We're all lost and found, damaged goods
Cast aside, misunderstood
Scratched and dented, needing paint
A sin away from a saint

I thank God for those who saw the beauty within our Airstream and will make the old, new again. People like Lee Ann Womack, her sister Jenny, and daughter Aubrey.

You really should take the extra time to listen to my new favorite song by our new favorite artist...

And of course, a shout out goes to Jesus Christ, the Man that can make things better and give us all a brand new start...

It's been a wild couple of days, but we will never, ever forget our experience!

P.S. Isn't it interesting that Lee Ann knows Good Will?


hubbardgirl said...

wow, joni you are so clever! and look really sharp, esp. since you dressed up just like eve!!! lee ann's new song is really cool---really, this just about makes you a CELEBRITY too. you amaze you----but now i have corn to do so i can be off to the BEACH in a few!

Mrs. K said...

Love Lee Ann's music. Her outfit? Not so much. Your outfit? SO cute...I want it. And your figure too.

Cole said...

Im scopin on the daughter lol :)