Jun 3, 2009

1974 Airstream Land Yacht

Nate and I had a dream.

We wanted an Airstream so bad that we talked about it constantly. We were always on the lookout for one. We watched newspaper ads, Ebay, and roadside lots. And one day, we found one. It was a great deal, locally owned, and the Airstream of our dreams. We tore into restoring that guy, we spent the night in it a few times, we were constantly talking about how much fun it was going to be, and we were gung-ho vintage Airstream owners.

Then life happened. Things got busy. Games and practices took over our weekends. The boys got bigger. All of a sudden the time required to get the camper ready loomed over us. Our dreams were way larger than our energy.

We've decided to make a mature decision to attempt to sell him. Honestly, I get teary when I think about it. But hey, we want what is best for him. We know how badly we wanted one, so hopefully there is someone out there that feels like we did...

So I present you with our Land Yacht that is now for sale.

I mean, he is ready to P.A.R.T.Y.

New flooring, new leather upholstery.

New plumbing.

Needs new toilet. And cleaned.

I'm expecting a call from Matthew any day now.
My only requirement is that he, personally, comes to pick it up.

1 comment:

Amber said...

AND..that Amber be there to watch him come... I mean to support you in watching it go!