Feb 3, 2010

Helloooo January? Are you there?

I cannot believe that it is February third. I had big dreams for January. I planned on getting rested up from the holidays, finish organizing my house, take and send "New Years" pictures, make eye and dentist appointments, finish up my sewing list, and hey, while I am at it, help someone else one day a week.

What I found is that my weekly schedule hasn't changed and I STILL have laundry, I STILL have mouths to feed, I STILL have church twice a week, I STILL volunteer at school every week, I STILL have seven bible studies a month, I STILL have boys basketball four times a week.

No, I can't pat myself on the back for crossing off all the items on my to-do list. I haven't given my time to anyone else. And I will NEVER finish organizing my house.

I just keep praying for it. My prayer is that I begin to make each moment count, I strengthen my relationship with Christ, keep taking steps toward my goals, and to be a better steward of not only my time, but our money also.

Here are some of our January Baby Steps...

Cleaning out Sewing Cabinet. (First things first, you know.)

Cleaning out Freezer. (and Butchering)

Budget Envelopes.

And a Little Bathroom Remodeling Project.

I know. Budgeting and Remodeling in the same month doesn't mesh well together. Remind me to add an envelope this month for "Unplanned Projects."


hubbardgirl said...

those look like adult steps to me...compared to my projects. was going to have my spare bedroom ready for company. didn't get to it yet:( so many things....it almost bogs me down! i will work towards it all with Jesus right beside me. AND NOT GET DISCOURAGED:):)

Calvin and Ashley said...

had to agree with the fact that it is hard to have "budgeting" and "remodeling" in the same month!! :) weve been dealing with a little of that this year....the house remodeling bills started coming in and yeah....haha hope it all works out for ya! God bless...

Amber said...

Have to agree!!! January was not "ringing in the New Year" or was it....phone ringing..."Hello?" "this is Roanoke ER... "Hello?" ...'this is Steve's Auto Repair".."hello?" ...this is Dr. Bumgardener's office" "hello?"...this is Raonoke Orthopedic" "hello?"...this is Gateway Mortgage" ahhhhh HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Katie said...

I hope you have a before and after post planned for the bathroom project! :)