May 6, 2012


I found 13 rolls of teal (aqua?) precut knit rolls at Goodwill for $2.00.  I gave some to Cindy to do another challenge.  She made a huge mistake... she texted me pictures of the rug she made with her rolls.  I was so impressed and I loved her rug so much that I gave up.  She won the challenge before I had even started.  I braided three strips of mine, maybe 1/3 of one roll, and made a quick belt for my thrifted dress.  I can't crochet, so I won't be attempting a rug like hers, but I would like to try sewing strips of it onto a tshirt for ruffles or sewing strips in a chevron pattern on a knit skirt.  Sometime. It would also be fun to use for wrapping gifts, knitting a scarf, etc.  My dad has a loom to make rugs so I might donate it to him (to make a rug for me.)  Fun challenge... Cindy wins THIS round.  Just wait until the next.  Ha.


Jill Elaine said...

What a FUN find! I really must start getting out and thrifting more. I always lament that you and your sister find the best stuff. Guess you have to get out and go to find it huh?? More and more I just stay home. I don't even grocery shop once a month anymore. I can't remember the last time I got out to run shopping errands.

Cindy said...

So we're tied! You def won last time with the wallet. I'll crochet you a rug if you want! I just need 6 rolls!