May 3, 2012

She perceiveth that her merchandise is good.

When Michelle told me that she was giving me her grandmother's notions and fabric, I didn't understand how much she meant.  When I heaved three black garbage bags into my trunk, I still didn't understand.  
Solid cottons.
 Wool and polyester.
 Tons of zippers.
 Full cards of buttons. See the lipstick marks?
 Seam binding, lace hem tape, and piping.
 Big bag of thread.
 Shoebox full of lace.
Perhaps my machine will.
You can really tell a lot about someone when you dig through their sewing supplies.  She was thrifty, creative, organized, and talented.  She made sheets, slips, men's shirts, blouses, dresses, and thermals. Many items were labeled.  If she used some of the binding, she pinned the leftovers carefully to the card.  Spare buttons were labeled with which shirt they belonged to.

One of my favorite things that I didn't get a picture of was an old Dry Clean Only tag.  My sewing table is crammed full of vintage supplies.  I still can't believe it.  Michelle said it was going to be like Christmas morning and she was right!  I can't wait to dig in tomorrow morning and find places for all the loot.  

Thank you, Michelle!  I am beyond thrilled... please let me know what her name was.  I feel like I just inherited a sewing room. 


Anonymous said...

Joni, I wish you could have met my grandmother. You would have loved her. She ran a cloth store before I was born and then moved the store into her home. She had told me that a lot of German Baptist would stop by her store and buy material and notions on their way to Danville. She also sold irises and then day lilies for many, many years. Her legacy continues to live on through her flowers and now through her notions. I pray that you will be able to bless others just like she has through the years. Her name was Lucille "Girlie" Roach. God bless you! Proverbs 31:13, 22

Katie said...

How fun! Definitely looks like Christmas morning... maybe even better in some ways... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...I think some of it shoulda came to me being as I have her name... :} Where was this store for sure...would I have remembered it? Love Mama Lucille...not a Roach tho.

Jill Elaine said...

I'm jealous! No not really, I just decluttered and I like it that way. Still... it's vintage! I'd prolly find a spot for it!

Anonymous said...

@ Mama Lucille: Her shop was located on Route 58 in Axton just before you get to Axton Middle School & Axton Fire Department. It was called Roach Remnant Shop.

Anonymous said...

I am Michelle's mom. I am so glad that you have these items & appreciate them. Mama was such a good semstress; she made most of my clothes growing up & she made my brother & my daddy shirts (just like you buy with button down collars,etc.). She even made Michelle & my niece dress winter coats with the hats to match & made all of their dresses, too. She made all of her every day dresses (she never wore a pair of shorts or slacks) & she would get out & garden & dig flowers, etc. with those dresses on. I can just see her now. She was a very organized person & everything she made had to be "perfect". She did a lot of quilting until her eyes got bad. She left 6 new quilts wrapped up & had the 6 great grandchildren's names in each quilt with the name of design for each one. She never told any of us about this either. We found them in the house. She had already given my brother & I quilts & the 4 grandchildren. She always liked to do the same for each one. I really miss her. I know she is up in heaven smiling down on you & your new found treasure. I know she would have been pleased. Enjoy them. Eloise Mason

Sarah said...

Ya your right Granny was very good at making things she was very good at growing flowers

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I don't recollect the name but if I seen the building I might remember it. Then again it could have been before I would have went to Danville. I do remember Danville and the bundles but I wasn't old enough to want to go at that time. I am sure if it was a fabric store my mama and sisters would have stopped though. These remnants of the past are precious memories. Mama Lucille

deborah said...

How fun for you!!