Nov 16, 2011

My dead.

Drew has a few different styles of hunting.

Sometimes he gets up early with Uncle Greg and piles on the camo, tiptoes to the blind, and then promptly falls asleep. Uncle Greg has to nudge him a few times so his snoring doesn't alert the animals.

Sometimes he creeps around the yard with a BB gun and pops anything that moves... I have the birds and squirrels in my freezer to prove it.

Sometimes he rigs a snare with wire and a green tree branch and catches the cat.

But if you ask him, the best time he's ever had hunting was when Uncle Greg called him and whispers the location of a buck that is trailing a doe and he jumped in the truck, belly crawled to the field in the same clothes he wore all day, and twenty minutes later he hauled a trophy to the truck.

I have never seen my son so excited. He's been smiling all week, walking with a new swag, and changing the lyrics to his favorite songs...

All the other bucks with the pumped up horns you'd better run, better run, outrun my gun.
All the other doe with the pumped up legs you'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet.

(One of my favorite stories I always tell about my boys is when Finn was little, he used to play hunting with Drew and he was always the deer. He'd flop to the ground, roll his head back, hang out his tongue and say, "My dead." It wasn't just when they played. We would ask him to pick up toys... "My dead." Tell him to hurry up... "My dead." Bedtime... "My dead.")


~Alisha~ said...

I am so happy for Drew! Greg was more excited than he was I think. He just loved seeing Drews reaction after he shot! Hopefully there will be many more hunting adventures for Drew & Uncle Greg! :)

hubbardgirl said...

my dead............i still say that because regina related finn's story to me way back when. we have fun with it:) so happy that drew could play out "my dead". you can just see the awe on his face. good job...drew! and good job, joni on great posts!!