Nov 14, 2011

5 Lessons.

I am seven days in to my bible in a year plan. I try to pick one thing per day to study a little deeper. I am burning up pages in my Bible Dictionary and googling more than normal. My top five lessons I have learned this week...

1. Satan's very real presence. In Genesis 4, after Cain and Abel present God with their offerings, God tells Cain that sin is crouching at his door. He has sneaky and has many methods of attack. He desires to have us but we must learn to master the attacks. When Satan tests Job in chapters 1 and 2, he uses the Sabeans to attack, the Chaldeans to raid, winds to destroy, disease to infect, and friends to confuse.

2. There is nothing new under the sun. God uses His Word to teach the lessons that I still enjoy debating today.

Why do good things happen to bad people? (Job 1-2)
What can I do to earn God's favor? (Genesis 4, Isaiah 1)
Why in the world did God begin with laws that no one could live up to? (Romans 3-4)
What does TRUE FAITH look like? (Noah, Rahab, Abraham, Abel)

3. Genealogy reveals the types of people that God can use to deliver His people. (Tax collectors, prostitutes, adulterers, and murderers) There is a blessing in reading Matthew 1 and Genesis 4 if you are determined to not skim your way through it.

4. God CAN and WILL shed new light on old passages. It's no coincidence that I just read about Abraham, Rahab, and Abel and we begin a study on Hebrews 11 at bible study, or a friend posts a link on Facebook about Job. God's just cleaning off my spiritual glasses that had gotten a little blurry. I've learned new things, too. Do YOU know what the Nephilim are in Genesis 6:4? I didn't. My Zondervan says that they were giants or aboriginal dwellers that were violent men. (Some scholars think that they were fallen angels. I would suggest not googling. I thought the images were disturbing.) My conclusion? It explained the abnormal skulls found that people use to argue evolution.

And finally.

5. If I take Friday and Saturday off, I will spend a big part of Sunday and Monday doing catch up.


deborah said...

Isn't it awesomr how God can speak to us each individually through nHis Word? I've had the same experience with coming across things/songs/verses that corrrelate exactly with what I have been studying. Love the song! Love the talent the Creator has written into people. I like wittiness...

deborah said...

I like your new header picture, too!