Nov 20, 2011

Needle, thread, scissors, scraps, and a lot of glue.

 The LORD God is our Creator.
 He made us and is slowly molding us to become the women He created us to be.
 Sometimes, He has to cut away the excess to create something beautiful.
 He uses the troubles and trials of this life
 to slowly begin to mold our hearts
 into hearts that resemble His Son.
 We can use the gifts that God has given us
 to serve others, enjoy Christian fellowship, and reach out in the community
with the message of Jesus Christ.
Big thanks to Cindy B. for organizing the first sewing class at Twin Oaks Baptist Church.  I paraphrased her devotional into my own words... forgive me if anything is misquoted.  Class Two = Scarves.  Coming soon.

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deborah said...

Fabric Flowers just speak to me! Unfortunately, they do not speak to my husband. lol! Nor do they really look like something I would actually take time to make. Sewing just doesn't speak to me. But, I so love the look of fabric flowers.