Nov 22, 2011

Letters from home.

Your Grand and Gram told me of your special Boom!
Another animal you caught, but can't put in your room!
I'm sure you are excited with your BIG point buck,
An eleven year old that had some good luck!
Possibly his head will be mounted and hung inside,
Then you can spend time to stroke his hide!
 I wanted to Congratulate you on a job well done,
I know you enjoy telling your friends about all the fun!
When Grandma Randy was a young boy, 
he kept animals of all sizes - 
but never a deer was among his surprises!
Thank Goodness!

You put your best paw forward!
Along with your muzzle loader!
Love ya,
Grandma Great Montgomery

My Grandma really gets Drew with all his animals and his adventures.  She had a little boy just like him.  When my dad was young, he had a pet chinchilla that he loved dearly.  When the chinchilla died, my grandma had it mounted.  She saved it for many years and my mom used it for a centerpiece for our Christmas dinner. Along with deer antlers and dad's old shotgun shells.  I miss my family and our quirkiness... thirty five more days and counting until I go home.


Makay said...

Aw. :) How sweet- she is so cute. :)
I am looking forward to seeing my family too.

deborah said...

That poem is so great! How neat! And isn't there something so special about your own family and your own quirkiness that you're used to and grew up with?!! :) Makes family special.

Jessica said...

Seriously, a CHINCHILLA. And when it died, Grandma had it MOUNTED. I was expecting 14 comments doubting the truthfulness of this post, and I was going to be able to say- my friends, it is so.

Katie said...

Ok. So I admit that I didn't really read ALL of this post. But one question... what IS that furry thing on your table?! :)