Aug 1, 2011

Free Kittens To A Loving Home

Nine babies
Can already do tricks, like hang upside down from your finger
Contact Drew for more information.

There is some good news...

Dan found their mama.


Katie said...

All I can say is... DISGUSTING! Better you than me! Actually, you know... we're getting into the rodent business too over here. Without my support I might add. Debi Pearl would be so disappointed in me.

ps. I still love y'all... even if you like to cuddle opossums.

Anonymous said...

From the observation I done last week watching Drew with one of these (kitties) they are in a home that is good. No more compassion can be shown than he shows. Grandma is right pleased with her little one that he can show so great compassion to such a lowly creature. Thank of how great compassion our heavenly Father can give us lowly creatures...even when we make ones looking on; shudder with distaste at us.
Keep that beautiful compassion Drew Love, Grandma