Aug 1, 2011

Jersey Boy

Today, I am a hero in my son's eyes.

Sometimes, it takes pancakes for breakfast.
Or apologizing for my wrongdoing.
Or filling a big jug of ice water for a 100 degree soccer practice.
Or buying expensive baby formula for his animals.
Or praying for a new dog and no bad dreams.
Or allowing an occasional spin on Dad's four wheeler.

Today, all I had to do is some trimming, serging, and sewing to size down an adult competition jersey found at Goodwill to fit my skinny 75 pounder.

I don't get sweet smelling hugs from a girl in pink, or a giggly thank you. But I do get a big grin and a swell of the shoulders as he swaggers out on the practice field.

And for today, that's all the thanks I need.

And I just laugh when asked, "Who let Corona sponsor a kid's team?"


ranelle said...

Cute! i had to laugh at the baby formula one, i just bought some for my actual baby, and wowee! expensive is right.james starts soccer next week, im a little nervous wondering why we picked soccer for his first sport, something him or i know nothing about :)

Katie said...

Obviously I know nothing of the joys of motherhood, but it looks like you've got it figured out! :) The jersey looks great!

ranelle said...

oh yea, and those sweet smelling little girl hugs?? ha is all i can say :)