Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valen.... yeah, yeah, yeah....

After hearing Pastor's sermon on Leaving Your First Love, I rushed home to find the rest of Nancy Leigh Demoss's Evidences that he referenced.

I have made another list of my own.

6 Evidences That You've Been Married Eleven Years:

1. You make an agreement to not even buy cards.

2. You clean out the extra money in budget envelopes for a night out and realize the money would be better off moved to the remodeling envelope.

3. You both crave Chipotle, but then remember that you have the ingredients to make your own. High Five!

4. Coffee with cream and comfy pajamas is your idea of a dream date.

5. When the boys ask what you want for a gift, you tell them "Made Beds and Vacuumed Carpet."

6. True forgiveness after an argument shows true love more than any red plush teddy bear ever will.

Happy Valentine's Day, Nate!
Thank you for not buying me a teddy bear...


hubbardgirl said...

you da girl, joni! good post!!!

Anonymous said...

so true - and we have only been married 6. Even though we have agreed to not waste our money on cards and put money to another area of our budget and we look at each other on our "dream date" the love is still there. yeah it has changed but it is still genuine love, true love to the one we have committed to.

Mrs. K said...

I am so not a sentimental person and my husband knows this. One Mother's Day we happened to be at the store. He picked up a card and said "This is what I'd buy you if I was going to buy you a card". I read it, smiled and put it back, happy as a clam that he'd saved the money, lol.