Oct 21, 2009

New greeting cards....

Contact Denise at jehdkh99@juno.com if interested in beginning your Christmas shopping a little early. I plan on buying another batch so that I won't have to shop at Hallmark ever again. Even if you don't buy any, drop her a little note. Have a great Thursday ya'll!

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Jill Elaine said...

Just FYI, your sister has a beautiful house and it even looks all put together when you walk in!! We had fun this afternoon unpacking, decorating, rearanging and GETTIN RID OF ALL THE BOXES!!
There are still stacks of boxes she will have to go through in her bedroom and laundry, Clark and Will's room and the basement but, oh, does her living area look wonderful:) and I've gotta say those kitchen cabinets are da bomb:) Wish I had a brother-in-law who made cabinets!
You need to plan a trip up this way soon.