Oct 25, 2009


There are all types of pumpkin decorators.

Ones who paint.

Ones who glitter.

Ones who find unique pumpkins and pile them on their porch, uncarved.

Ones who bake them and serve soup out of them.

Ones who buy the fakes and get them out every year.

Ones who get sucked in on a hayride by buying the heaviest pumpkin for thirty nine cents a pound. 25 pounds = $9.75. Not that I would know.

Ones who refuse to let their own children carve the design because there is a contest at AWANA.

Ones who aren't artistic and google "Christian Pumpkin Carving Templates."

Underachievers who let their template tracing holes show.

And overachievers who irritate the rest of us.


Katie said...

They look great! (Especially the face of Jesus, for which I'm sure Nate doesn't need my accolades to be proud of:)

Who won the AWANA contest?

Kelsey said...

awesome pumpkin carving! They look great.....and I have to give it to Nate when I scrolled down to see his pumpkin in the dark with the light shining thru my mouth DROPPED!!

laura said...

WOW!!! I was thinking of googling Christian templates for pumpkins....now I REALLY want to do one! Very creative and excellent job you guys!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! now where is my carved latern pumpkin!!! See it soon? SWEET!!


hubbardgirl said...

abbie carved a pumpkin last nite...she cut out a cross and it looked so pretty all lit up in the dark. then she was starting to clean up a bit and picked up the cross that she had cut out and had another inspiration. she used thin jute string and toothpicks and created Jesus and placed Him on the cutout cross. it is all gracing my table centerpiece right now.

hubbardgirl said...

sorry, i forgot to comment on your creations. i love them!!!