Sep 15, 2009

On the second day..... Eve meets a celebrity

Eve is nervous.

She is getting ready to meet another celebrity. She has no idea what to wear.

She met Adam, God, and Satan wearing no clothes, and we all know how well that turned out.

She is afraid that the celebrity will turn to her and say, "Eve, how darling.... what designer?" And Eve will have to say, "Ummmmm...... my son Good Will made it."

So she dug around in her closet and pulled out the skirt made from fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner.

And the scarf designed by Wal-Mart.

And she headed to Nashville.

And the celebrity never asked.


Donnelle said...

LOVE the outfit! And the pictures :)

Jill Elaine said...

Cute! Very cute.

regina said...

i want to borrow this outfit!!

kelly hale said...

no disrespect to eve...but i think(by the pics with said celebrity) that outfit looks better on you!! =)