Jul 9, 2009

I love my boys, I really do.

But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have...

Tea Parties

Bella Donnas

Tulle Skirts

Fun Shopping Trips

And Sewing Projects

Instead of burps, sweat, dirt, bugs, and critters...

I wouldn't trade Drew and Finn for anything.

Not even a new camera.
Or Photoshop.
Or a beach vacation.
Or a bathroom remodel.
Or cleaned out closets.
Or the removal of all snapping turtles from pond.

But if offered Meg Rosa all dolled up and smelling of lavender lotion...

Then all bets are off.


Jill Elaine said...

Who could possibly trade those adorable munchkins?
You can have the tea parties, tulle skirts, shopping trips, sewing fun, etc. with little Meg when she's 'not-so-little'! (or you could try again for your own girl!!!)
I could always lend you a girl or two (or three!) for a week now and then. How soon were you wanting them???!!
And just so you don't forget - along with the girly fun, you get temper tantrums, whining, mood swings, crying over silly things, shrieking over nothing, giggling uncontrollably, pouting, and sometimes all the boy stuff thrown in too!
But I wouldn't trade mine for anything either. I won't think about you list and getting it all at once!!

McMaster and Storm said...

i spotted two darling dresses at target the other day.....
then i glanced down at luke, telling me "the train is moving, i need to get in!" Then my eyes moved to zach wiggling in his car seat and I put them back and pushed the cart with the two red seater things attached. I did feel like I was driving a train and how in the world would I be able to handle another child???? Even if a girl was an option!