Jul 7, 2009

Honey Do List

To: Mom, Drew, and Finn
From: Dad

Summer Job #39: Clean Out Garage

"If you get the dog pen cleaned out you can use it for a fort!"

"Ask Mom to find you some spray paint, and go to town.
Keep the flaming skulls to a minimum!"

"If something flies out of the rafters, it's not a bird!"

"Do not, I repeat, Do NOT let Mom run screaming out of the garage, wielding the leaf blower as a weapon, and call it quits for the day!"


Jill Elaine said...

I HATE bats! We've killed at least 4 of them in our house and 2 in the garage. Thankfully the house is now tight enough they can't get in. One of them I had to take care of BY MYSELF! Travis was at work so there was no running screaming, I had to take care of it!
Did the leaf blower work????

Jill Elaine said...

I just had to wonder if I had been into the blogging world years ago when I had to take care of a bat in the house, would I have stopped to take a picture of it before grabbing it with a towel and flushing it down the toilet????
Hmmmmm. I doubt it. Maybe if it had been in the garage, but not with it in my house and no man around to rely on to get it for me!

Minister Grace said...

Nate wouldn't kill the bat...
He said it's just like a black snake, they're good animals to have around because they eat bugs. As far as I know, the bat is still in there. But I did put my foot down when I saw Drew head into the garage with a net and birdcage.