Jun 11, 2009

Whoo Hoo!

Now I really mean it...

I'm packing and preparing for a week of holding her...

And I can't wait. I could just eat those skinny scrunched up toesies. And her chocolate eyes. She is biting her fingernails in anticipation of Aunt Joni squeezing the fire out of her.

(I grabbed this photo off of my niece's Facebook pictures. So while I was at it I grabbed another picture of my only favorite brother and his family.)

I love to take pictures standing with Cole since he has the ability to dwarf anyone standing nearby.

My first niece has graduated. Gulp.

Okay, so I'm getting ready to be gone for a week+ without posting. So my blog won't change but it would be great if you guys would leave lots of comments while I'm gone so that I know how much you have missed my random ramblings.

If there are no comments and no one cares, then I quit.

Just kidding.

I'll miss you blog world. Eleven days and counting.

P.S. If you have had trouble opening my blog, make sure that the address you're opening is
and not
I don't know if it makes a difference or not, but let me know. Check my links on your page and make sure they aren't linked to that. Toodles.


Jill Elaine said...

You will NOT quit. I won't allow it:-) It's too much fun reading what you write. So... I guess I will have to post a comment every day...

Deborah said...

Don't quit! Your blog is lots of fun! Good laughs, encouragement, and inspiration! I'll miss reading while you're gone. Have a great time with your family. It's always a blessing to be able to visit!
Deborah(Jill's sister)

Amber said...

AND....Aunt Amber is quite upset that you haven't said goodbye! UH HUM...DREW...FINN!!!

hubbardgirl said...

don't EVEN, joni! Pity party (kiddin) I want a vacation too. ha just keep on keepin on. god bless and have a fun time. btw/any dresses?

McMaster and Storm said...

ummmmm, I'm pretty sure with blogger you can update via your phone........
or you can whiz over to Jill or my house to blog---don't mind my messy craft/office room!
have a safe trip!

hubbardgirl said...

there! you have the facts (mcmaster and storm) SO no excuses from you...Miss Vacation Lady With Not a Care in the World!!!!!Blogging it will be.

Bree said...

hey! i can see you again! Don't know if i was on the wrong link, or what, but here you are! And i enjoy your zany blogging! Don't go away!

Anonymous said...

Oops! I had no idea i was logged in on my daughter's account! now I have you REALLY confused! Sorry!