Jun 13, 2009

Just call me tech savvy...

Too bad for you I figured out how to preprogram postings.
I'm still on vacation but Blogger is doing the work for me.

Drew's last soccer game.
We sat in a open field watching a storm roll in. After just narrowly escaping tornadoes twice this year already, I began to wonder what we were getting ourselves into.

I've made myself a Storm Watch Checklist:

1. Park yourself in a camp chair and enjoy the show.

2. Continue to take pictures because you might be able to come up with a clever blog post about them.

3. No matter how posh the place where you are swimming is, get out of there when you hear thunder.

4. Stay off of Halesford Bridge at Smith Mountain Lake. Not a good place to be in low visibility and high winds.

5. Don't jokingly call your BFF while she is on the bridge and say "I think we must be driving in a tornado."

6. Don't assume that your BFF is serious when she screams in your ear. She could possibly be plunging off the side. But most likely she is being over-dramatic.

7. Don't assume that God is giving you warnings when you have two lightning strikes in your yard. I know He wouldn't do that ..... would He?

8. If you go in WalMart during a tornado warning, don't continue to shop for donuts. Listen to the Not Smiling Any More Door Greeter when he tracks you down. Go to the center of the store where he is angrily pointing. Even if the donuts are chocolate covered.

9. When the soccer game gets cancelled due to the other team forfeiting for not enough players and pending storm, console your son by telling him, "Hey, at least you won. That makes your record 2 and 6!"

10. Run as fast as you can to shelter. Don't even take the time to focus your pictures.


hubbardgirl said...

ok, you're such a jokester, vacation lady. tech savvy....uh huh!!!! (you could be sorry you suggested lots of comments(: )

Jill Elaine said...

Thought you might get that figured out! Glad I kept checking just in case!
Hope you are having fun just few miles away from me.

Morgan said...

huhlarious! this made me split a rib i think. ;)