Jun 2, 2009

Vintage Patterns

Although I could really care less if this style ever comes back in, I am a packrat. I buy and keep any and all sewing patterns. I always think, "Okay, so this is cheesy now, but what if my daughter-in-law wants me to make her wedding dress and this is a cool vintage dress by then..." Pathetic, I know.

Number one, if my DIL wants me to make her dress, that's one awesome girl.
(Nothing against my MIL.)

Number two, I can always buy this pattern off of Ebay if she absolutely HAS to have a Size 16 Fitted dress with skirt gathered to bodice, shaped waistline seam, back zipper, and elasticized neckline ruffle. Can be worn on or off the shoulder. {Shudder}

Number three, if she chooses me to be her designer, I should be able to talk her into another style. Like this. Or this. No elasticized shoulders for the bride of my son.

Okay, now back to the pattern.

When I saw the teensy article on pattern flowers in Country Living, a little lightbulb flashed in my brain. "Joni, you could cut up one of your cheesy patterns for flowers."

So I did.
BUT, if I hadn't kept the pattern to begin with, I would have had to cut up one of my cute vintage patterns. Like this one.

So, I will continue being a Pattern Packrat. Don't try to stop me.


Jill Elaine said...

I've been thinking I'd make some of those for awhile now, just haven't taken the time! They look great.
Love your header picture:-)

Jill Elaine said...

Hey, I just gotta tell you I started Beth Moore 'stepping up' this morning. I know I'm gonna love it. My sister said she is very much into it too.
I have carpet marks in my forhead instead of gravel, but same thing right? I'm hoping my kids soon think it's normal if they see Mom on her face on the floor:-)
Love you, Joni, thanks for sharing about Beth Moore.

McMaster and Storm said...

those are cute flowers......

speaking of sewing & {fabric row}.... oh, I have some fun sewing things coming to McMaster & Storm........& can't wait to show you!!! can't wait!!

Kay Ann Wilson said...

Hi Joni...I just recently found your blog and I might be your newest most faithful reader. :-) You have such a fun creative way and it's been a breath of fresh air! Anyway I just wanted to say I love LOVE one of the JCrew wedding dresses, i think the first one you linked....didn't know they had those. *sigh* maybe we'll renew our vowels on our 5th anniversary next year so I can wear it. :-)