May 12, 2009

Happy 13 Laurie...

13? Are you serious? No way.

Couple of reminders to one of my favorite girls:

1. Please don't become too cool to come hang out with my boys. (Ahem, Macy) They love it when you're around.

2. Keep your own personality. The Laurie I know has a big BIG heart that loves animals and hates it when people are sad.

3. Keep Jesus numero uno in your life. He is better than any guy and he'll never break your heart.

4. Don't forget that I am here for you when your mom isn't. Just kidding. But seriously, you know if you ever need anything, I'm on call.

5. Have a great day, we love you.

Oh, also...

6. Keep your newly pierced ears clean. No one likes infected ear lobes.


~lala~ said...

hey joni
it's laurie!!
thanks for this, i really liked it!
don't worry i will never be to big to hang out with my two favorite little boys!(ahem macy)
and thanks for being there for me to talk to(blackwater blackout)
i <3 you!!

hubbardgirl said...

thanks joni for giving my 5th oldest granddaughter such an image.....shes all of that and i a little prejudiced?! of course all 10 of them are loved a lot by me!!!!!

waiting for heaven said...

my little girl is growing up...and might I add, way faster than I did at 13. After picking out and buying 4 inch heels, getting ears pierced, nails done, new sundress, I have to wonder "why do I even allow this" But then I come home and read your sweet post and am reminded, it's what's on the inside that counts!! Laurie, keep your big heart and live for Jesus, that's what makes you grown up. Hope your day was special sweet daughter.

Amber said...

Not sure why this made me cry....but it did!!! Happy Birthday Laurie! And BTW I have way cooler advice than any!!! And yes keep your ears clean!! LOL! Because I have had mine out for 5 years and than are still infected! (or maybe that was who was related to)!!!