May 11, 2009

I'm sorry ladies...

But because I'm the mom of two boys that think anything gross is awesome, that's what my pictures have been lately. I thought I was done posting snake/possum pictures for a while, but then Uncle Greg showed up on his four wheeler yesterday.

(This picture has great bokeh. I have a very clever response for Pioneer Woman when she comments. "Why thank you Ree, I will be glad to give you my aperture settings for this picture. Point. Shoot. Crop.")

With a poisonous copperhead. Dead.

A lump in the midsection means there is something inside.

So with a little dissection,

they found a mole.

And the poison glands.

Because the work was half done, they decided to skin it out,

and pin it on to my cake pops board.

So now Drew and Finn have a great piece of artwork for their room.


Jill Elaine said...

You know what? I'll bet my girls would think that was cool. The difference is they don't come up with this kind of stuff on their own and they don't live for dirt, bugs and snakes!!! (thank goodness! God knew I couldn't handle all that!)

waiting for heaven said...

o.k. the devil has officially taken over your mind,soul, and body Joni Lee. The easier way would just have been to say "Regina I've been needing to tell you we're through being friends" Then at least I wouldn't have to pray for satan to please let go of you and go pick on someone else!! You need to go directly to the Throne of Grace...I mean run don't walk and ask your Father in Heaven to forgive you for such a gross sin as this.

hubbardgirl said...

way to go, joni. regardless of what the female thats waiting for heaven said, you are definately forgiven! Thats a great design and straight from the One who created it.......although its beautiful.....from afar! Love your blog