Apr 22, 2009

Earth Day

I can't believe I forgot it. I got the boys t-shirts to wear and everything. (WalMart has super cool and cheap organic cotton shirts for everyone.) Drew came home from school with a poster to draw and I went running to my calendar and sure enough. Today. So I wasn't going to let the day go by without at least one cute picture. Bad idea. Drew was grouchy. Finn had gas. Grass was cold. Mom was insistent. Dad was gone so he couldn't put a stop to the madness.

Drew refusing to smile and convincing Finn he needed to be grouchy too.
Finn can never stay grouchy if he passes gas.
It's hilarious, actually.Drew's beginning to crack.
No one can stay serious for long when Finn laughs.
He's got the best laugh ever. Loud and real.Reenacting.
Finally. Happy Earth Day, my friends.
I've learned seven things about recycling so far:

1. Burlap bags found at antique store for one dollar are probably dry rotting.
2. Stomping metal cans in kitchen makes a lot of sticky spots.
3. The bags will not all get full at exactly the same time.
4. Rotting bags and over exuberant boys do not mix.
5. Until I figure out some new bags, I feel guilty every time I toss a pop can, Tide bottle, or newspaper.
6. Green plastic zip tags will unzip with weight.
7. Recycling centers are not cute if not organized.

But I have not given up. Just a few glitches to work out.


katie said...

:) I don't know how to make a sly smile with text so just pretend. Surely you could employ your husband to make you a nifty stand. Isn't that what cabinet maker husbands do? Make all sorts of cool stuff for their wives that every one else envies?

You're welcome, Nate. When you get done with her's you can make me one. :)

Donnelle said...

I'll take one too, please. By looking at your pictures, I'm guessing that you can just skip the glass bin. I would like a diaper bin, instead. Thanks!

McMaster and Storm said...

you are too funny!