Apr 22, 2009


It's now a common sight around here to be in the middle of supper and I begin to wildly flail my arms around and smack the table, or plate, or Nate's head. Like a mad woman. Because unless you're really close, you think I've gone crazy. But it's gnats. And they are driving me crazy. I cannot walk through my kitchen without Fantastik and Clorox, one in each hand like a gun totin' cowgirl, and blast away. I knew that I needed to fix a trap, so several days ago, I placed a bowl of honey on the counter. I didn't think about a lid or anything so what happened was that I gave them a royal sugar feast and they zipped back to their nest and began wildly laying more eggs. Obviously. Because now they're back full force and wondering when the next feast is. I've cleaned out my refrigerator, cabinets, potatoes and onions, and ditched all fresh fruit, but every morning I come back downstairs and greet the next generation. I finally googled, "How do I get rid of the blasted gnats in my kitchen?" and the response was, "Did you mean, How do I get rid of the nasty blasts in my kitchen?" Just kidding. Anyways, the clever people that had previously posted, said to place bowl on counter with sticky liquid and then cover it with saran wrap with a few holes. Ooooooh. So at their suggestion, I put vinegar and dish soap in bowl, and now I am enjoying the sight of gnats squirming around unable to escape. They also said to boil water and dump it down drain, because that is probably their breeding spot. Uh uh. No breeding in my kitchen. Not anymore. So until the day that Drew and Finn's Carnivorous Creation is alive and well, I shall be boiling, trapping, and squirting.

**After posting, I clicked on this picture to blow it up, and I saw one.
On the vinegar lid. The nerve.**

If you have any suggestions for quick annihilation of gnat populations, let me know.

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