Jun 8, 2012

We KNOW he can dance.

Is NOW the appropriate time to bust out some old videos from last year's school picnic?  I think so.  Giving a shout out to Franklin County's own Asher Walker.  My boys love him and are cheering for him on So You Think You Can Dance!  Yo, Justin Bieber, when you read this, call him up.  Finn watched Asher do the worm on his audition dance and said, "Drew, he learned that from us!"  He was dead serious.  We think it's pretty exciting to watch Asher follow his dreams.


Katie said...

"that place isn't known for dancing or much else besides just rednecks..." hilarious. good thing he isn't from Redwood... or we might not claim him. j/k.

ps. if your address is Redwood, I totally don't have a problem with you. :) i only said that because I learned upon moving to Gladehill that there's an unspoken hierarchy of zip codes. :) which is just funny to me.

Alisha said...

We watched this the other night. He doesn't seem very proud of where he comes from. A little too cocky for me but.... wish him all the best.