Jun 19, 2012

Missing Uncle J.

 There is safety in numbers.  Our boys probably wouldn't have taken the dare thrown down by Uncle J. alone.  But when they are all together... the peer pressure is too much.  The pile of beautiful hair on the ground was a little gut wrenching but when Finn shoved it into his underarms we laughed and realized that it is only hair.  It'll grow back.  It was pretty amazing to see the transformations...  they all had two ears, two eyes, and a neck under all that hair!

 Will Reese
 Clark Richard
 Jack Cabel
Finn Asher
Jackson Paul and Drew Montgomery


Jill Elaine said...

:) wow but they look different! I just hope Jack's hair is still curly when it comes back in!!!

deborah said...

Oh my word! Your boys and your nephews with no hair!! But it has to be cool. I'm envious..think how fast it can be shampooed!