Jun 4, 2012

One Hit Wonder

Nate got the big idea to put our heads together and write a song for my nephew's graduation.  A collaboration of sorts.  I thought it was a great idea, we could sit on the porch together and toss ideas around.  Then he handed me the notebook.  He said, "You write, I'll sing."  I did a little bit of research (read lyrics from our favorite songs) and wrote down some ideas.  If I learned anything from watching Blake Shelton on The Voice, it was that country songs don't have to be perfect but they should tell a story.  I got a rough draft going and then Nate started the hard work.  He worked with Gabe Stalnaker at Downtown Music for several evenings and lunch breaks.  Gabe put the music to my song and then they tweaked some of the words and timing to fit my words into the music.  Nate practiced the song for a week, then they began recording.  Nate plays backup guitar and sings.  Gabe Stalnaker has amazing talent and we are so thankful for his BIG help.


Katie said...

How cool! Fun song but with so much meaning too. Great job!

Colista said...

Wow---you guys got talent! :)
Pretty awesome.

Shanda said...

That was great!