Jun 4, 2012

It's payback time.

Payback for the pregnant hamsters we gave as birthday gifts.
Payback for allowing Jackson to trap wild animals when he comes over.
Payback for survival weekends instead of bowling parties.
 Payback for laughing at her fear of rabies.

Kristi and Jackson got Drew a ball python.  Complete with frozen baby mice to feed her called "pinkies."  We named her June.  She is in my house.  Sleeping in Drew's bedroom.  It's all funny ha ha until I check the cage and June is missing.


Is it poisonous?  No, if it bites it feels like sandpaper.  It is a constrictor so I am not worried right now but ask me again in ten years.  Drew says, "I am not worried until she stretches out next to me in bed... that means she is sizing me up to see if I am big enough to eat."

Has it bitten?  No.  Not yet.  Drew had it in his lap for about two hours today... completely docile.  Slithered around his bare skin and licked him several times.  (shudder)

How long will it live?  Most likely 20-30 years if it doesn't get sick.  They have lived up to 50 years in captivity.

Will it get bigger?  Yes.  Yes, it will.  Up to 4 feet in length. Nate was working on the dock yesterday and sent Jackson and Drew to the house for a tape measure.  I watched them pull the tape measure out until it read four feet and then they draped it over their shoulders.  They yelled "AWESOME!"

Have I held it?  Yes.  Once.  I shrieked when it turned around and started to wrap around my arm.  Drew got after me... "See Mom?  That is why I don't want a lot of people holding her.  You scared her!"

Did Kristi get permission first?  Yes, I gave her the go ahead.  I thought it was worth saying yes to picture her driving home from Roanoke with a python in her backseat.  Buckled in.

Is it really a girl?  We don't know.  We say it is.  The only way to find out is if you probe.  Definitely not googling that process.


Anonymous said...

Do you realize...HOW BIG?? Might be good to put a big bell on "Her" neck so the lost can be found...Grandma may not be visiting now. Shutter...

Katie said...

Oh, wow. That's all I can think to say. Wow.

ps. not sure if it's wow-awesome or wow-how in the world do you get comfortable in your house now? :) either way, I'm impressed with your cool mom qualities. and that's not empty flattery.

josie said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! you are a GREAT CrAzY mom! i was really croaking when you scared june, too! I MEAN OF ALL THE NERVE, DON'T SCARE HER JUST LET HER GET ALL SNUGGLED UP AROUND YOUR LEG!!!!!!!!! **shutter for SURE!**

deborah said...

NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!! Good thing you are their mom! :)