Jan 11, 2011

Grace like Raine.

channing raine

channie banannie

channie chan chan



Finn said it the best.
"And now Channing is the youngest in our family."

If you want to get technical, she's his double third cousin. But I don't like technicalities.

We are praising God for the marvelous works of His hands. Welcome to the world Channing Raine. We accept the honor of being some of your prayer warriors and biggest fans.



channings mommy said...

What a great surprise...to click on minister grace and see a post about my sweet baby...thanks so much for all your prayers and thoughts and well wishes...please don't ever stop praying for us, for there are always things to pray for in this family...God is so good...I haven't even had time to sit and reflect on all that's happened in the last week...all I know is that prayers have been answered and we have been blessed!! One of our largest blessings is you...Aunt Joni...we love you!!

Heather Bowling said...

This is the first time I have seen this precious angel!! She is beautiful. Sigh, I want another girl....oh my word did I just say that out loud?!?! I am pretty sure Mr. Bowling won't allow that and my cup doth runneth over. Oh well maybe soon I can get my hands on that sweet baby girl. Besides Emily is really missing Jude!