Jan 11, 2011

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Snow Day for Dad:
Work. Play guitar with "the band."

Snow Day for Mom:
Sleep in. Big pot of coffee. Knit. Shower and then put pajamas BACK on. Wii. Snack.

Snow Day for Finn:
Sleep in. Put robe on. Watch movie. Wii. Eat glazed donuts when hungry.

Snow Day for Drew:
Check weather at 6 am. Pile on snow clothes to check the potential for snowboarding. Undress. Wake everyone up. Pile on snow clothes. Check trap while snowboarding. Drag trap and raccoon back to house on snowboard. Skin coon. Tan hide. Undress. Dress. Undress. Dress. Undress. Collapse into bed completely worn out and happy.

To each his own.

I am pretty sure Drew has a plan for where the coon skin will go.

That self tanned squirrel skin gives me the creeps. I would NEVER EVER hang a dead animal above my pillow for fear of what might drop into my mouth at night.

But, hey. To each his own.


Katie said...

They had a snow day yesterday? And Tam called off bible study this morning too. Y'all must have actually gotten some snow. We barely had anything.

Cute post! I think it's awesome that you actually allow dead animals in your house. I truly don't think I could. Or maybe you don't have a choice... :) However it is, I'd say your boys have one great mom!

Makay said...

Those are always the best days. :)

Mrs. K said...

That is hilarious. I don't have hunters (or trappers as the case may be) in my house but I sure do have busy early risers. Ashton told me the other day he thought his clock was not on Daylight Savings Time and he wanted to get up at 6:50 so he set the alarm for 5:50. Oy vey. Someone didn't give my children the message that homeschoolers are allowed to SLEEP IN!