Jan 6, 2010

Almost A Year.

I won't post every day.

I won't be the best blog on the block.

I won't wow you with my deep insights.

I won't get a fancy layout.

I won't try to impress.

I won't let blogging consume me (which can happen, I promise.)


I will not quit.

I will keep taking pictures.

I will search scriptures for inspiration.

I will read yours.

I will still be open and honest.

I will not stop desiring to minister some grace into your day.

Thanks for reading and commenting this year. Love you all.


hubbardgirl said...

thanks for posting....just keep a steady stream comin! love you!!

Denise said...

Hey Joni! I love to keep up with your family and I love to read your blog. Dont' quit. :)

ranelle said...

Thanks Joni, we all need a little encouragement, and I'm learning that you can touch people in ways you dont even know with honesty, and truth. Keep it up! love in HIM

ash.kay said...

I LOVE reading your blog! keep up the good work! thanks for all your inspiration and wisdom! i can see God working through you!

b.ellen said...

Great post Joni

Morgan said...

aww...love it! and more videos of your hilarious boys. ;)