Nov 4, 2009

Are you kidding me?

This one has been standing for seven hours at my house.

Mama Lucille's.

Amber's. On carpet.

Aunt Doris's in California.

It's really true.

The balancing broom act is sweeping the country.

Pun intended.


Amber said...

I'm tellin ya... family of witches!!

hubbardgirl said...

ha ha we done went plumb broom crazy!!! :):)

ranelle said...

Haha, my mom was so pleased with hers she called grandaddy hubbard to look. He said well, I woulda never beleived it if I didn't see it! Lol

Anonymous said...

How is your broom? Mine; one decided to rest but the red one is still standin even with all the comins and goings.. Emily Boone had to come to see it. She said yep, seeing is believing. Love Ya, Mama Lucille

Amber said...

still standing!