Sep 20, 2009

Tweet tweet

So, I haven't gotten into the whole Twitter thing. Not being able to receive text messages really hinders my ability to become Technology Awesome. I have been following our new friend Lee Ann through her website on the right. See some of her latest tweets?

cruising the internet for inspiration pics for my vintage airstream remodel...soooo's gonna be fierce!! law
9:10 AM Sep 19th from TweetDeck

bucketlist item you are going to DO in 2010? Work on my vintage airstream trailer!! law
9:54 PM Sep 13th from TweetDeck

We, too, are soooo excited law!!!


hubbardgirl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, JONI!! and have a blessed day. love you i didn't know your e-mail add. so this was the quickest way to get to you. btw, i have 4 pieces of fabric. are you still bogged down?

deborah said...

Happy happy birthday! Hope your day is blessed!

Mrs. K said...

Happy birthday Joni! Hope it's a great day!

Kristi said...

One addiction at a time please .. Twitter will have to wait till I have grown old of FB and blogs which doesn't appear to be anytime soon!