Jun 10, 2009

whoo hoo.

*The title is correct.*
I don't mean Whooo Hooo!
I mean whoo hoo.

10 months of schedule
Nate's 6:45 phone call
7:05 bus
Grouchy Drew
Quiet mornings
Praising Drew for his grades
8:30 bedtime
Time alone with Finn
Cute school outfits
Clean towels
Beth Moore in the morning

7 weeks of chaos
Nate's 9:45 phone call
11:00 breakfast
Grouchy Mom
Loud squeals and pounding
Punishing Drew for his attitude
Late nights
Fighting boys
Swim trunks
Pond water towels
Beth Moore at the pond

1 comment:

Jill Elaine said...

Way to put it all in perspective! Why can't I make myself get up early even if I don't HAVE to???
I love my early morning time once I'm up and going.
Somehow when I'm laying in bed at 5:30 I can't convince myself:-)