Jun 28, 2009

It's her fault.

She's a bad influence.

Before she came and convinced me to go to Coldstone Creamery...

Oh no, not just once...


In one week.

I didn't read the fine print included with a cup of Birthday Cake Remix with Cake Batter Ice Cream that said "WARNING: Can cause addiction in overweight aunts that think they have the same metabolism as 17 year old niece."

So, with clouds of cake batter distorting my ability to make sound judgment, I floated to the grocery to copy the heavenly taste.

It was easy. Too easy.

Begin with creamy ice cream and wait until it is at the perfect melty stage.

Add half a bag of dry white cake mix.

And sprinkles.

Stir. Taste. Stir. Taste. Stir. Taste. Stir. Taste.


Now bake brownies.

Add hot fudge.

Squish it all together with a spoon on a marble countertop.

Or in a styrofoam bowl.

Whatever works.

And watch the fat settle into your thighs.

Isn't that disgusting?

Okay, I'll admit.

Another bad decision on my part is to see her new haircut...

And try to do mine a little different.

She looked cute.

I looked like Donald Trump.

She goes home in the morning and I will start acting my age.

And eating carrot sticks.


hubbardgirl said...

oh my goodness, i can't stop laughing.......

Jill Elaine said...

You are so funny! and just for the record, you are NOT overweight!!! NO WAY, NO HOW!

Donnelle said...

I totally forgot to eat your dessert at the cabin! Maybe my hips will "bentifit" from not eating it. Praise the Lort.

Anonymous said...

I soooo miss you!! When can you quit traveling long enough for us to come visit and try some of this devine dessert? We were over there while you were in OH helping the in laws move some things. Love you! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! But I laughed the most at Donnelle and Praise the LORT! bgarber