Jun 29, 2009

4-H Fun...

One of the best experiences that I did growing up was take sewing in 4-H. I am so glad that Mom supported my sister and I and took the time to teach us to sew. We both have developed a love for sewing and fabric and creating outfits through our summer experiences with Mom.

And so the fun continues...

(That brown fabric is mine, also the pink and black medallions. The Sew to Speak owner is trying to not laugh at us. Every time I would take a picture, Molly would say, "Consider yourself BLOGGED!")

Mom continues to teach her granddaughters and niece to sew and she spends many hours in the summer with the girls.

And the plus side to all this is we all get to be with the girls and take fun shopping trips to "research" and buy fabric.

That's why we drooled in Anthropologie. Purely for researching purposes.

Molly is making this jacket in chocolate brown knit with this skirt in brown and orange fabric from Sew to Speak.

Morgan is making a burnt orange velveteen coat with brown trim. I found this pattern last night on the Sew to Speak blog ... hope she's interested.

Katie is making a deep purple belted wool jacket with gold fine-wale corduroy skirt (similar to this skirt pattern.) I wish I could show you her sketches. She is the one who plans all year what she is going to make and has pencil drawings and magazine articles cut out.

2007 ( I think...)

First place ribbons from Ohio State Fair...

2008 Shopping in Philadelphia Fabric Row

State Fair again...

I can't wait to see the finished products. I get the easy part. Shopping and then going to the Style Shows when they're done. Good luck, Mom.


Jill Elaine said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun:-) I'm drooling over all that fabric. What are you planning to do with what you bought? I'm just itching to get started on little skirts for the girls with what Jess go me. alas, I have a gb vest to make first and have been procrastinating long enough on it. Got. to. get. at. it.
I just posted on my blog at long last!!

Macy said...

Finally breathing again, haha. It's no fair, no fair at all. (Anthropologie is to die for.)