May 6, 2009

Minister Humor

My conversation with another mom volunteer at school:

Her: Hey Joni, I just want to tell you how cute your son Drew is.
Me: Okaaaay. (Comments like this always make me nervous, because I never know what's coming next)
Her: He is so well behaved all of the time.
Me: Grinning, because I know the truth.
Her: He is sooo funny.
Me: Agreeing, because we laugh at him all the time.
Her: I love his clothes.
Me: Remembering the large pile of laundry at home.
Her: Actually, don't tell anyone, but he's one of my favorites.
Me: Smiling, because he's one of my favorites also. I have two.
Her: Oh yeah, I love his long hair.
Me: Realizing that it's time for a haircut.
Her: He has the best personality.
Me: Grinning.
Her: He is going to be so handsome...
Me: Head swelling.
Her: He is exactly like his dad!
Me: Silence. Wondering if she just realized what she said. I thanked her politely and walked away rolling with laughter inside.

I understood two things:
1. I've always thought Drew somewhat took after me, but apparently not.
2. She thinks my husband is hot.

Nate loves this story. He also loves to remind me of the time that someone told him that he looked like John Denver.

Not to be outdone, I remind him that Regina told me once that I remind her of America Ferrara.

I'm thinking the next time we both pick out glasses, we need to be extremely careful.

Go read Stuff Christians Like. He asks which celebrities could play the parts of Moses, David, Paul, Goliath, and Noah in a movie of the bible. The comments are hilarious.

So, c'mon, tell me, who do you look like? Don't you dare say Resolved to Worship.


Rachel said...

I get my hopes of being perceived as thin dashed everytime someone says "Your daughter is so tall and thin...she's built just like her dad!" I always respond "um, yeah." but inside I chuckle!

katie said...

Thanks for the laugh, Joni- a great way to start my day!

Jill Elaine said...

I'm rolling with laughter here! Know what you mean about looking like 'resolved to worship'!!!!!!!!!!!
she looks better than I do when she's 8 months pregnant. Not fair! But I guess God never promised life would be fair. I always say I will be THIN in heaven. None of the chubby angel stuff for me!

Amber said...

Hands down....Paris Hilton!!! I mean I do have the sunglasses!!! Just kidding!

McMaster and Storm said...


makes me want to sing some John Denver.


bgarber said...

You make me laugh! Thank you!