May 9, 2009

Blackwater Blackout

Nate's Top Four Favorite Things to Do:

1. Listen to bluegrass.
If you know the band, that's just a bonus.
First on right is son of employee, second from left is Drew's ex-music teacher.

2. Go canoeing.

3. In the dark.
Adds to the excitement when you steer wife through as many cobwebby branches as possible. Or blast through the string of glowsticks at the finish line. Or get stuck on rock. In front of everyone.

4. Ditch wife to chat with half of Franklin County.
That's okay, because then I get left by myself to do two of my favorite things, People Watch and Hang Out with Regina's Kids.

Every time we canoe, I think about the minister that sent couples on a canoe trip before they got married. When and if the couple returns, the minister congratulates them because if they still love each other after a trip down the river, then they're going to be fine.

Probably my worst experience canoeing with Nate was when we kept ramming into trees and rocks and he told me, "Well, typically, for better steering, the heaviest person in the boat needs to be in the back and you're in the front."

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