May 23, 2009

Meet Peck

Drew's new addition to the family. I wish I could say he was abandoned, but Drew got him out of the nest. After a human touch, I knew the mama would not take care of him anymore, so I allowed Drew to keep him. He's been feeding him worms and soggy dog food and water with a straw. I was surprised, I didn't think we would be able to get him to eat anything and he would die. He's been with us now for about ten hours and still eating good, so we'll see. I googled to see what we should be feeding him and it recommended feeding every twenty minutes. That should be interesting come Tuesday when Drew goes back to school.

Drew figured out that the squeaking of the wheels would make him open his mouth, so that's how we've been feeding him.

They're bonding.

The Worm Wagon

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Amber said...

This is to cool!!! Very proud of you Drew! You are growing up way to fast! You make Aunt Amber feel very old!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! KISSY KISSY!!!