May 3, 2009

From Drew

This is our snake that me and Finn caught. The snake was caught at the pond under a rock. The snake is 6 inches long and weighs a gram. We don't know if it's a copperhead or a black snake. Dad thinks it's a black snake and so does mom and Finn. The snake has gray all over with black stripes all over. I think it's a copperhead.

The cage I built is like the bottom of a rain forest floor. It has sticks, leaves, and grass, and some petals of white flowers. It has DIRTY water.


Jill Elaine said...

There are times that I am EVER SO THANKFUL THAT GOD GAVE ME GIRLS!!!

waiting for heaven said...

and the Lord said to the serpent "because you have deceived Eve, you will crawl on your belly and will eat dust all the days of your life". Drew, you listen very carefully...God did not say "serpent, because you have deceived Eve, Drew will rescue you from the muddy,stinky,wet,disgusting pond and take you to live in the comfortable environment of a reptile tank". Just a little side note... if your serpent bruises my heel, I will crush YOUR head!!!

Minister Grace said...

That's hilarious, I was just getting ready to say, "Drew is well aware of the fact that this momma will bruise serpent's head if found in house." And here I was getting ready to google "what do baby snakes eat?" and you reminded me that he eats dust. Maybe I will let him loose in the house!

Amber said...

And I cannot believe that you invited the devil into your house! They are the devil, I stand by my word!!! Gave me shudders and tingles in my feet. I think that they are just trying to find ways to get Amber to stop coming around! No worries there Joni!!! I stay far away as possible!!! Your house was def. not where I am supposed to go according to my dream!!!