May 5, 2009


Kindergarten Graduation

First Grade Field Trip

2nd Grade Christmas Party
2nd Grade Field Day

This is my list of observations of having a great friend:

1. Someone that when you're together, you choose to honor God.
The first time, and every time since, that Logan came over, his dad leaves saying, "Boys, you need to honor God today in word and action." Then they look at each other and grin.

2. Anything is more fun when they're with you.
School work, bus rides, basketball, field trips, lunchroom, etc.

3. Ability to work out problems together.
Drew came home one day upset because Logan was mad because he didn't sit with him at lunch. So Logan wrote Drew a note and told him why he was mad. Drew wrote back and said, "I'm really sorry, I'll sit with you tomorrow." When he handed it back, Logan read it and said, "Aww, forget it" and crumpled it up and they've never talked about it again.

4. You like what they like, even if you didn't like it until they did.
Club Penguin, Nintendo DS games, and drawing action figures or cars with flames.

5. A little friendly competition.
Which one can get the ball faster down the court, who was reading first, which one Abby likes that week, loudest burp, who can catch the most salamanders, etc.

6. You both have another Friend in common.
Okay, I'm talking about Jesus here.
But, Drew's friends are Logan's friends and vice versa.

7. Included in your prayers.
Logan's been in my prayers since before school even started because I wanted Drew to find a friend that would help build his character and not tear down.

8. One year apart doesn't affect the friendship at all.
This year was the first year that they've not been in the same class, but you'd never know it.

I realize that as they get older, things may change and issues may be bigger, but for now, we're enjoying the fact that Logan and Drew have a Godly friendship that they'll never forget.


Jill Elaine said...

It is so fun to see our children make friends!
I liked my hubby's comment too!!! I was hoping he'd take the bait and comment:-) We've gone back and forth about the chairs 'needing' painted ever since they were given to us. I'm sure one of these days they will get painted but for now I will humor him!!

McMaster and Storm said...

is this working
a test

McMaster and Storm said...

ok, good it's sometimes it won't let me post!

the flamingo post was too funny! we have something coming up for sale soon that has a flamingo involved!

Kara's still searching for a very old pair of flamingos she spotted in a magazine......ohh they were beautiful. {probably too $$$$$$$}
anyhooo, take care

{you let your boys have a snake? ssssssssss}