Apr 27, 2009

Weekend pictures

My weekend was full of kids and errands and games
but most of all ... Fun and Sun.

I love, LOVE knobby soccer knees. Our team lost 1-6. BUT he looks so cute in his uniform. Drew, not the coach's assistant.

Jude was a little ticked when he figured out that he wasn't allowed to play in Finn's T-ball game.

One of the boys on Finn's team wears John Deere boots to all practices and games. I love Virginia.

Maddie is number 18. Her team won 2-0. The 90 degree weather had us all sweating.

I think they are too old to force putting their arms around each other for a picture. After the picture, Finn started giggling and saying, "Whoo hoo! Drew and Maddie are boyfriend and girlfriend." And their faces were bright red. I think MckMama would love this picture because they both have matchy gum.

Still a perfect age for arms around each other.

Nate was so happy to find a willing participant.

I love Sunday afternoons at the pond.


waiting for heaven said...

ok...so I gotta post since your busy weekend was partially my fault. I hope it was not too overwhelming. I mean besides the fact that Jude was a brat and Maddie almost fainted out on you during her game, wasn't it sooo much fun? If it helps any..."I like your door". Did your daddy make it? Oh the picture of Jude in the baseball hat and glove are soo sweet!! Why didn't you get a picture of him throwing a fit and you dragging him off the field? Now that would have been good. Thanks again for keeping the kids and allowing us to have some alone time. I will be glad to do the same for you whenever.

Amber said...

Regina whenever you need Jude to eat..he seemed to like to eat off of my plate and all my food!!!!

Amber said...

after though here!!! where are the pictures of the sweet mudslide and the exfoliation process!!??